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Abby Stason

Abby Stason

A highly talented, strategic, results-driven Leadership & Development Executive, She is valued for her strong and decisive leadership. Her strengths include learning-program design, strategy, project leadership and organizational design. She is known for collaborating with, influencing, and persuading key stakeholders to identify and integrate successful solutions to ensure learning and development.

A forward-thinking strategic thinker, Abby offers cutting-edge solutions design for executives, teams and companies. Abby has intensity about optimizing performance by focusing on the realities around behaviors and strengths to create action-oriented developmental plans and program design. Abby’s style is about converting spiritual concepts into pragmatic practices that support evolution in our day-to-day world. Abby’s approach meets the requirements of the next generations, new paradigms in business, conscious cultures, and expanding consciousness.

A visionary with a passion for self-esteem, consciousness, and purposeful and creative work environments, Abby has designed and implemented practices that enable her clients to be congruent while meeting the expectations of their organizations. With natural leadership presence, Abby is adept at facilitating high-leverage skills and collaborating with her clients to bring fulfillment and efficiency to their careers and lives. Abby teaches executives how to be real, highly effective, connected, and evolved individuals, and she teaches leaders how to live into their human potential. Abby embodies what she teaches, which is the challenge of a lifetime.

Abby works with anyone who wants to become more conscious. Abby is particularly focused on high profile, high growth technology companies (from start-ups to established companies). Abby lives in Mill Valley, California and enjoys the outdoors, riding her boogie board, and volunteering for The Gangaji Foundation.