How To Manage Tensions

One question we are always asked is how to manage tensions? The true question we are being asked is how can I be emotionally intelligent? People don’t know how to navigate their emotional energy, especially in the workplace, and no wonder.

Leader As Coach Is Dead?

Over the years we've all heard the phrase “leader as coach." There have been many programs created around this concept where companies have pulled people away for a couple of days and taught them coaching skills. When people return to their day-do-day activities, these skills fall by the wayside. Is the "leader as coach" model dead? Maybe not yet, but it's dying.

Mindfully Focus On What You CAN Control

I see a continued phenomenon where my clients place their attention outside of their own experience and direct it to what others are doing, saying, or how they are acting while working. There is a strong pull to try to change others so that they behave or act differently. We continuously hear this from our clients: “How do I get him to be more conscious?”