Certifiably Conscious - Beyond Ego Is Amazon Best Seller!!

I am thrilled to tell you that Beyond Ego is not only an Amazon Best Seller, it's also at the top of the Amazon Hot New Releases list! What's the big deal?  Well, in an information age where industries are being turned upside down, a new leader is emerging. The Mindful and Conscious Leader has the agility and compassion to facilitate conditions for increased connection, vitality, creativity, productivity and profitability.

We've felt it all too often - "I want to be an effective leader, grow people and increase profits". "I want to stand out and make an impact". "I want to be all of those things you just said, but HOW?".

Here's the deal - our unconscious patterns, our egos, get in the way of connecting with others so that we can combine our talents to make true, sustainable impact.

I'm not talking about a Donald Trump type of ego. I am talking about our own version. Our mind chatter, personas, and egoic behaviors show up all day long. We are human beings - we have patterns!

Consciousness is your solution, your path. Our new book, Beyond Ego is your handbook. Get it now on Amazon!

Learn a series of practices - actionable activities so that you can be "Certifiably Conscious"

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Conscious and Mindful Leaders know:

Being present is the source of creativity and connection and profits Breath & Movement isn't "woo-woo"  and instead leads to high vitality Feelings are meant to flow easily at work and there is wisdom in emotions to capture and fuel our intellect Remarkable congruence between what they claim to stand for and how they lead inspires others EVERY moment and interaction is an opportunity to learn Leading with positive energy is necessary in the business world The importance of conscious communication How to go beyond mediation and actually "presence" what is here, be in the moment exactly as it is with love and compassion

Consciously evolved individuals know how to commit to activities and a way of being to create a "win for all" business and leadership model. Get it now on Amazon!

These are just a sample of the practices you will want to go beyond your ego. These practices are simple and not easy. They are not for the faint of heart.

You know that something wants to change in the world. We can not longer function on "auto-pilot"

The Conscious Leader is needed for sustainable business for the globe.

The ability to be mindful and go about our day-to-day is where the rubber meets the road. That is, when we are in relationship with others and trying to get things done, share ideas, and be connected is when presence is required. Consciousness leads to fulfilling, compassionate, collaborative and connected interactions.

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It's not enough to TALK about Mindfulness, but rather to BE MINDFUL - in every moment. You can differentiate your leadership by becoming masterful at how you are showing up - consciously, so that you can be agile to be congruent with want the moment is calling for. Consciousness applies everywhere and certainly in business where we are trying to make an impact in the world.

Join me in bringing consciousness to the workplace and be certifiably conscious!