Conscious Leadership Is A Practice

A question I hear from my clients is “how do I be more effective?”

What they are really asking me is how to be more conscious. The conversation is always about “the how”. Consciousness is a practice.  That is, the moment-to-moment practices you put into play every day will raise your consciousness and make you a more effective leader, a more connected leader.

Yoga is a great example. When learning yoga, we practice. We learn new poses, and we continue to practice these poses systematically so that they become second nature. There are many, many yoga poses and styles and the ones we focus on regularly are the ones we start to master.

It’s exactly the same with conscious leadership. The practices we put in place around emotional intelligence, presence, speaking & listening, agreements, commitments, thriving, and stepping into responsibility empower us to become conscious leaders, leaders who are lined up with reality. In aligning ourselves with reality as best we understand it, we optimize our chances for connection and success.

And, like yoga, our practices are fluid, as is leadership. Certain situations or trends may call for the need to develop different practices. By using core consciousness practices leaders can bring forth what is needed in any situation.

So as you implement your personal leadership, team and organizational practices you will see a shift to an evolved culture of innovation and connectedness.

What are you practices?