Consciously Thriving

In our world where doing is applauded more than being, we are drawn to the hamster wheel of activities.

We think we have to DO more to be satisfied. We design our life and business around day-to-day activities that invite us to run on the “hamster wheel”, spinning through our day but going nowhere.

Let’s get real: We overload our nervous systems. Even if you worked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there would still be more to DO. It is our responsibility to be vigilant about what we choose to do and how we take care of ourselves.

Imagine a life where you are running a business, making an impact in the world, spending time with your loved ones and growing as a human being – this is possible.

What is required is relentless self-care so that you consciously thrive. In the absence of consciously and meticulously taking care of ourselves, we go on autopilot, reacting to our day-to-day. This leads to strained relationships, less than optimal business performance, disease, and burnout.

You cannot make an impact in the world if you are not healthy and thriving. It’s time to lead the way for a new commitment for all human beings.

Try this on…

I commit to relentless self-care as a baseline for how I am in the world.
I commit to consciously thriving.

For living into this conscious commitment, here are your pillars for thriving:

Thriving Physically

Become a master of caring for your human body via sleep, exercise, and nutrition via whole foods. Know the importance of rest, rhythms, integration, and renewal.

Ask yourself: In this moment, is my choice toward my physical thriving or away from it?

Thriving Mentally

Investigate your mental stories; check them out. You will find they are not real.

Thoughts are thoughts only – they have zero substance. With mental thriving, the mind is a servant to being-ness and provides access to the wisdom and pure intelligence that is consciousness. Ego is a necessary function of being a human being, but it needs to be in the back seat, not driving.

Ask yourself: How can I “drop into” my deeper wisdom and let go of what my mind/ego thinks should happen?

Thriving Emotionally

Be a master of allowing feelings to flow and capturing the wisdom from emotions. Conscious leaders know that emotions are really just energy that comes and goes as phenomena.

Ask yourself: How can I welcome my emotional energy and fully BE in my experience?

Thriving Spiritually

Open fully to allow life to flow through you, and realize that we are not in control. Mindful beings have full access to spirit and source, and they are guided by something larger than themselves.

Know that personal growth is an endless journey and that everything is in service of awakening to the truth of who we are.

Ask yourself: What does my life stand for? Who am I?

There are volumes of research that clearly explain the damaging effects of not taking care of ourselves, and still, we make choices that are not in favor of our well-being. This is just another opportunity to wake up and evolve.

Download and the 7-page Conscious Thriving Worksheet to explore these four pillars for thriving plus the fifth pillar – financial thriving – and learn 6 steps for building a strong practice.

It’s time to lead by example and encourage others into conscious thriving. When we thrive as individuals, we thrive as a human race, and our planet will thrive too.


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