Falling Victim To Your Calendar? Here's the answer...


Does your calendar ever look like this?  

Don’t fall victim to your calendar.

Just say NO!

Here’s the thing – our plates are full. In fact, they are overloaded. This is the world we live in, especially in an information age.

Our plates are so overloaded that we could work 24 hours, 7 days a week and still our plate would be overflowing. Let’s face this reality.

We’ve seen it all too often – because we don’t accept this reality – we fall victim to our calendar. It seems like there is never enough time.

Here is what you can do – change your context.


Notice your experience right now having read that sentence. If you are shaking your head, this is a key indicator that you can’t say no.

We are a society of doers and our default is to say yes. Back to our main point – our plates are overloaded and you can’t do everything.

Check this out: http://time.com/3404760/how-to-learn-to-say-no/

I welcome the word no. There are several reasons why:

  • The conscious ability to say no means that we can rely on our yes.
  • By saying no to the things that drain our energy, we create time for tasks that lift our energy.
  • By allowing space for no, we are present and available for what really wants to happen. From here, creative sparks fly.

Being able to consciously say yes and no empowers us from the victim position and into responsibility for our actions.

Some tips on the how: http://www.forbes.com/pictures/mkl45efijg/how-to-say-no-at-work-3/

Finally – be conscious about planning meetings. You can download my Conscious Meetings worksheet so that you can be more intentional about meeting you attend.

Check it out yourself - what can you say no to?