How To Manage Tensions

One question we are always asked is how to manage tensions? The true question we are being asked is how can I be emotionally intelligent? People don’t know how to navigate their emotional energy, especially in the workplace, and no wonder. The old stories like “there’s no crying in baseball” or checking your emotional bags at the door are outdated. Using feelings to our advantage is a necessary paradigm shift. We are always in an emotional state. And there is a way to let your emotions feed your cognitive abilities. There’s no longer a place for discounting our emotions in the workplace. It’s actually when we withhold our emotions that tensions grow. So it’s really important that we feel what we’re feeling, because we’re all feeling something all of the time!

The new paradigm is to welcome our emotions in the workplace, to let the energy flow and use that wisdom to our advantage. A simple process of noticing the feelings, mentioning them, then easily flowing with them guides us back into connection and creativity. Simple, but not always easy as we’ve been taught to resist and restrain our emotions. In doing so, we disconnect from our self and others. This might look like feeling stressed or having fear about a project and not saying anything about it. It grows and escalates then some not-so-effective behaviors appear. Have you ever seen someone “over-react” to a situation? They’ve been resisting their emotional energy and increased their tension. This is counter-productive and a creativity killer.

What we are talking about is finding compassion for the human condition. We all have feelings. Finding compassion for yourself and your colleagues, especially at work when you’re under a deadline or trying to launch a product for your company. Not judging what anyone is feeling - compassion is key. Use emotions to your benefit in the workforce.

The health benefits of letting your feelings flow are amazing – but that’s another post 