How to Recognize a Conscious Leader

How to Recognize a Conscious Leader

Conscious leadership is a necessity in an information age, but do you know conscious leadership when you see it? Or when you’re living it?

A Conscious Leader is awake to themselves

The Conscious Leader has extraordinary self-awareness and the agility to act congruently with what’s happening. They have a strong ability to be present. You are probably thinking of some leaders you know who have an impactful presence. They shift the room when they walk in.

Consider this: In the moment, conscious leaders ask themselves:

  • How am I showing up right now?

  • Am I here and present?

  • Am I allowing my emotions to flow easily or am I withholding?

  • Am I leading for the good of all or for my personal agenda because my ego is here?

  • Am I congruent with what this business situation needs?

  • Am I avoiding or creating conflict?

  • Am I conscious of my actions or running on autopilot?

An awakened human being investigates in order to tell the truth.

A Conscious Leader creates the conditions TO MEET WHAT IS HERE

The Conscious Leader facilitates the ideal environment for what’s next, whether on a project, in a relationship, for an organization, or in the world. For them, it’s about being aware of the truth in the moment and speaking the truth no matter the consequences.

This takes great courage; therefore, among these other things, a Conscious Leader is a courageous leader.

A Conscious Leader is a connected leader – connected to self and others

Connection is the primary goal of awakened human beings. We’re all connected as individuals; there is no separation.

The Conscious Leader creates conditions for people to connect in an organization. Once we’re connected, we collaborate and learn alongside each other; learning, growth, and development are a way of life.

A Conscious Leader does not aim for or attempt perfection

An awareness of Self allows the Conscious Leader to learn and discover along the way and invite others into the same experience. Conscious Leaders choose to drop their stories and get real.

How about you?

As you can see, being an awakened human being is not for the faint of heart.

It’s a choice, and it takes practice, but you can develop your consciousness muscle and become a Conscious Leader.

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