No Is The New Yes

In my last blog I talked about becoming victim to your calendar and saying no. I received a lot of responses about this topic so I am addressing it again.  

Time management is always an issue for my clients. With the holiday season in full swing and the end of the year coming – there are even more requests for our time.

Our plates are full. In fact, they are so overloaded that we could work 24 hours, 7 days a week and still our plate would be overflowing.

We told you simply: JUST SAY NO!

Not so easy, yes?

Here’s the deal – our ego will fight you tooth and nail to keep you overloaded. Your mind will overload you with stories.

Does any of this mind chatter sound familiar?

  • “You have to go to look important to others.”
  • “If you don’t go, you will look bad.”
  • “You should attend so that you don’t miss out on information.”
  • "You should go because 'so-and-so' is going and if she’s there, you should be too.”
  • “You can fit that in and handle back-to-back meetings for 10 hours without food or a bathroom break.”
  • “But everyone is attending that Holiday party – you can't miss it!”
  • “Do more, do more, do more, DO, DO, DO!”

Get real! It is impossible for you to attend a meeting from 11am to 1pm, then be on time for a meeting from 1pm to 2pm on the other side of the office!Your stomach and bladder will have something to say about this!

Join me in starting a new trend: No is the new Yes.

Create a culture where no is welcome as much as yes.

Check this out:

More reasons to create a culture that says no:

  • Hearing no from someone leads to trust. When someone can say no to you, you are creating transparency.
  • Conscious management of your calendar leads you to activities that keep you thriving.
  • By saying no our egos are not in charge, and we can accomplish tasks from our being. We are congruent with what the moment is calling for.
  • Say the ultimate no – to your ego, to the mind chatter – this puts you in the drivers seat of your choices.
  • Conscious Leaders know that self-care is the number one priority, and saying NO to activities that drain your energy is crucial to thriving and preventing illness and burnout.

Some more tips on the how:

What can you say no to this week? Call me, I'd love to connect!