No Is The New Yes

In an earlier article, I talked about becoming victim to your calendar and saying no. I received a lot of responses about this topic, so I am addressing it again.

Time management is always an issue for my clients. With the holiday season on the way and the end of the year coming, there are even more requests for our time.

Our plates are full. In fact, they are so overloaded that we could work 24 hours, 7 days a week and still our plate would be overflowing.

We told you simply: JUST SAY NO!

Not so easy, yes?

The Voice of Mental Overload

Here’s the deal – your ego will fight you tooth and nail to keep you overloaded. Your mind will overload you with stories.

Does any of this mind chatter sound familiar?

  • “You have to attend the event to look important to others.”

  • “If you don’t go, you will look bad.”

  • “You should go so you don’t miss out on information.”

  • “You should go because so-and-so is going, and if she’s there, you should be too.”

  • “You can fit that in and handle back-to-back meetings for 10 hours without food or a bathroom break.”

  • “But everyone is attending that Holiday party; you can't miss it!”

  • “Do more, do more, do more – DO, DO, DO!”

Get real! If nothing else, it is impossible for you to attend a meeting from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., and then be on time for a meeting from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. on the other side of the building! Your stomach and bladder will have something to say about this!

Check out these 4 simple steps for saying No: How Successful People Say No on Business Insider.


Create a culture where No is as welcome as Yes. Here are 5 great reasons why:

  • Hearing No from someone leads to trust. When someone can say No to you, they are creating transparency.

  • Conscious management of your calendar leads you to activities that keep you thriving.

  • By saying No, our egos are not in charge, and we can accomplish tasks from our being. We are congruent with what the moment is calling for.

  • Saying the ultimate No to your ego and its mind chatter puts you in the driver’s seat for your choices.

  • Conscious Leaders know that self-care is the number one priority, and saying No to activities that drain your energy is crucial to thriving and preventing illness and burnout.

Some more tips on the how: Nine Practices to Help You Say No on Harvard Business Review.

What can you say No to this week? Contact me, I'd love to connect!

For more on realizing the power of No, as well as the trap of saying yes to everything, check out Chapter 17 of my book Evolution Revolution for its discussion on Conscious Agreements:

“You will experience more vitality when you start to honor what’s important to you, and start to say no. As we are clearer in our no, we create more power in our yes. Dr. Travis Bradberry stated that successful people ‘. . . won’t say yes unless they really want to. Research conducted at the University of California in San Francisco shows that the more difficulty that you have saying no, the more likely you are to experience stress, burnout, and even depression.’”