The F-word at Work: Feelings


I came across an informative article about emotional well-being the other day. The article discusses how sleep, eating habits, physical fitness, and self-esteem correlate to stress level and emotional well-being.

We all know how a lack of sleep adds to stress, as do poor eating habits and very little physical fitness. This is obvious to most of us, and yet we find it very difficult to create new routines that honor our well-being. We allow our ego to run our lives and keep us circling on the hamster wheel.

The Missing Piece in Emotional Well-Being

The missing piece in emotional well-being is the emotions – actually feeling our feelings and tapping into the wisdom of our emotions.

Denying our emotions – blocking our emotional energy – leads to a contractive state in our bodies. We actually cause more stress to our system by denying our emotions than if we let them flow. This idea is now flowing into the mainstream; we are seeing more and more scientific research that backs this.

Emotions in the workplace has been taboo for too long. It’s time to wake up and be conscious of what we are feeling while we are feeling it, so we can include emotions throughout our day. We are always in an emotional state. We can no longer deny our feelings.

How to Become Conscious of What You’re Feeling – While You’re Feeling It

You can start practicing right away by recognizing what you are feeling and tapping into the wisdom aligned with the emotion:

ANGER = A boundary that you have a “No” for, or some need wants to be fully met.

SADNESS = Something wants to be let go of.

JOY = Something wants to be celebrated.

FEAR = A call for concern and to pay attention to something.

SEXUAL = It’s time to create or innovate – or both.

Imagine a Business Culture Where All Feelings Are Welcome

Imagine a business culture where all feelings are welcome and everyone benefits from the wisdom of their emotions. Stress levels would drop immediately. No one would feel outcast for crying, feeling angry, or admitting their fear.

Start letting your emotions flow in your organization and see what happens – infinite energy freed up for connection and innovation.

Do you know how to navigate this new frontier? Learn more about the HOW of emotional intelligence with my book Evolution Revolution: Conscious Leadership for an Information Age.

It’s time to be evolved and join the revolution of awakening.


Here’s that article I mentioned: The Next Big Thing in Well-Being at

This article was originally published on May 23, 2016, and has been updated