1:1 Executive Facilitation

Become a Conscious & Evolved Human Being

Being a conscious leader is not for the faint of heart. What is required of all of us is to overcome conditioning and patterns. I engage with individuals to raise consciousness.

  • Learn how to apply series of practices to achieve self-mastery
  • Enhance your effectiveness to be a present leader and a leader with high “EQ”
  • Become part of the new paradigm of conscious leadership and evolution
  • Set the tone of your organization by aligning your leadership with your values
  • Show up fully and “real” regardless of what’s happening around you
  • Shatter old paradigms and thrive in exceptional relationships
  • Achieve self-mastery and bring your highest self to work and your leadership

Offering: 6 or 12 session packages, day long, or weekend immersions

Connected Teams

Cultivate High Performing Agile Teams

Building high performing teams is a process, not an event and requires co-commitments to wake up. I engage teams to wake up.

  • Expand possibilities for infinite positive energy – create an environment of growth, appreciation, and fun
  • Optimize group accountability, ownership, and performance
  • Create a safe forum for open communication and healthy tension
  • Recognize symptoms of “group think” and realize the benefits of diverse humans and ideas
  • Be connected, be evolved, be conscious – together
  • Be a team where growth and learning is the norm rather than drama and conflict

Offering: team workshops, day long, or weekend immersions.

Conscious Cultures

Working For The Good Of All

Just as building high performing teams is a process, and not an event, such is cultivating a conscious culture. Be an awakened company where high profit margins are good for the planet and humanity.

Create a culture of conscious and evolved human beings

  • Take the combined energy of human capital and focus it to create results and innovate
  • Eliminate blame and criticism and enhance connection,
  • Be a culture where emotions are welcome and experienced directly with compassion
  • Have fun evolving while achieving goals and making an impact in the world
  • Shatter old paradigms and be exceptional human beings which in turn, manifests into an exceptional culture

Offering: Customized learning and development programs for your organization

Consciousness Evangelist

Not Just Another Speech

I enjoy being with groups so that we can learn from each other. Not just another speech and more of a discussion, two things separate me from other speakers: the audience can relate to the real-life stories I share, and they take away actionable tips for self-exploration.

  • People hire me when they want and need an infusion of consciousness for their organization or particular group.
  • My style is less motivational speaker and more value-added facilitation.
  • I share my first-hand experience and 20 years of experience of applying consciousness practices to small groups, large audiences and organizations.
  • I connect with the audience through my energy, sense of humor, and story-telling. You will not listen to me lecture. Instead I put you in an experience to raise your self-awareness. People find my content and style both informative and entertaining.
  • I enjoy being with people who want to own their experience and grow from it, people who want to be exceptional, but not perfect.
  • Small or large audience: consciousness always applies.


  • The Conscious & Awakened Leader In An Information Age
  • Presence: The Foundation For Conscious Leadership
  • Our Next Revolution Is Evolution
  • Stop Surviving – Start Evolving: Navigating Fear
  • Moving From A Culture of Feedback To A Culture Of Evolution
  • Thrive With Emotional Intelligence

Offering: on-site or offsite team/organizational events, any gathering of individuals wanting to awaken and be more conscious.

Silent Retreats

Be in silence, stillness, discover who you are

Experience the benefits of silence and stillness as we retreat together at a location of your choice.

  • Engage in an opportunity to stop, unplug, and retreat with others in support of awakening for all beings
  • Overcome “mind chatter” and optimize for mental focus
  • Recognize the truth of who you are beyond your thoughts
  • Let silence and stillness be your guide as you build strength of mind and character
  • Enhance true intimacy by up-leveling the most important relationship in your life: you!
  • Honor and love truth as we come together in stillness
  • Explore the possibility to live freely, in peace individually, or with others

Offering: 1 day, weekend, 1 week, or 10 day retreats