1:1 Executive Facilitation

1-on-1 Executive Facilitation with Abigail Stason

Become a Conscious & Evolved Human Being

Being a conscious leader is not for the faint of heart. What is required of all of us is to overcome conditioning and patterns. I engage with individuals to raise consciousness.

  • Learn how to apply series of practices to achieve self-mastery
  • Enhance your effectiveness to be a present leader and a leader with high “EQ”
  • Become part of the new paradigm of conscious leadership and evolution
  • Set the tone of your organization by aligning your leadership with your values
  • Show up fully and “real” regardless of what’s happening around you
  • Shatter old paradigms and thrive in exceptional relationships
  • Achieve self-mastery and bring your highest self to work and your leadership

Offering: 6 or 12 session packages, day long, or weekend immersions

Connected Teams

Cultivate High Performing Teams with Abigail Stason

Cultivate High Performing Agile Teams

Building high performing teams is a process, not an event and requires co-commitments to wake up. I engage teams to wake up.

  • Expand possibilities for infinite positive energy – create an environment of growth, appreciation, and fun
  • Optimize group accountability, ownership, and performance
  • Create a safe forum for open communication and healthy tension
  • Recognize symptoms of “group think” and realize the benefits of diverse humans and ideas
  • Be connected, be evolved, be conscious – together
  • Be a team where growth and learning is the norm rather than drama and conflict

Offering: team workshops, day long, or weekend immersions.

Conscious Cultures

Cultivating a conscious culture with Abigail Stason

Working For The Good Of All

Just as building high performing teams is a process, and not an event, such is cultivating a conscious culture. Be an awakened company where high profit margins are good for the planet and humanity.

Create a culture of conscious and evolved human beings

  • Take the combined energy of human capital and focus it to create results and innovate
  • Eliminate blame and criticism and enhance connection,
  • Be a culture where emotions are welcome and experienced directly with compassion
  • Have fun evolving while achieving goals and making an impact in the world
  • Shatter old paradigms and be exceptional human beings which in turn, manifests into an exceptional culture

Offering: Customized learning and development programs for your organization

Consciousness Evangelist

Abigail-Stason-Consciousness Evangelist

Not Just Another Speech

I enjoy being with groups so that we can learn from each other. Not just another speech and more of a discussion, two things separate me from other speakers: the audience can relate to the real-life stories I share, and they take away actionable tips for self-exploration.

  • People hire me when they want and need an infusion of consciousness for their organization or particular group.
  • My style is less motivational speaker and more value-added facilitation.
  • I share my first-hand experience and 20 years of experience of applying consciousness practices to small groups, large audiences and organizations.
  • I connect with the audience through my energy, sense of humor, and story-telling. You will not listen to me lecture. Instead I put you in an experience to raise your self-awareness. People find my content and style both informative and entertaining.
  • I enjoy being with people who want to own their experience and grow from it, people who want to be exceptional, but not perfect.
  • Small or large audience: consciousness always applies.


  • The Conscious & Awakened Leader In An Information Age
  • Presence: The Foundation For Conscious Leadership
  • Our Next Revolution Is Evolution
  • Stop Surviving – Start Evolving: Navigating Fear
  • Moving From A Culture of Feedback To A Culture Of Evolution
  • Thrive With Emotional Intelligence

Offering: on-site or offsite team/organizational events, any gathering of individuals wanting to awaken and be more conscious.

Silent Retreats

Abigail-Stason-Silent Retreats

Be in silence, stillness, discover who you are

Experience the benefits of silence and stillness as we retreat together at a location of your choice.

  • Engage in an opportunity to stop, unplug, and retreat with others in support of awakening for all beings
  • Overcome “mind chatter” and optimize for mental focus
  • Recognize the truth of who you are beyond your thoughts
  • Let silence and stillness be your guide as you build strength of mind and character
  • Enhance true intimacy by up-leveling the most important relationship in your life: you!
  • Honor and love truth as we come together in stillness
  • Explore the possibility to live freely, in peace individually, or with others

Offering: 1 day, weekend, 1 week, or 10 day retreats